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Quick and Easy Insurance Claims for You!


What is "Steering"...


We are recommended by all insurance companies, agents and networks, who confidently refer their clients to us! YES, WE ARE POWERSYNC/EDI/GLAXIS .

Insurance Claims our specialty! Hassle Free to you! J and L Auto Glass 615-497-6369 autoglass replace & repair

INSURANCE CLAIMS & EDI/ NETWORKS: Our company is EDI/POWERSYNC which is a fancy word for (Electronically Dispatched Invoices). This means we receive paperwork, thru our desktop software. Networks, and your independent insurance companies and agents can quickly and easily send us job assignments.

Thru PowerSync, we can receive your information (vehicle, date of loss, deductible you owe, etc.) 24/7 via our computer software

Insurance claims are expedited, and hassle-free for all of us! For you, that means we handle everything for you! For insurance companies and agents, that means streamlined invoicing and satisfied policyholders!

1 - Contact your agent/insurance company and make a claim.

2. Tell them you want

J and L Auto Glass to do the job for you. 

PLEASE NOTE* BY LAW, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT ANY OTHER GLASS COMPANY THEY MAY RECOMMEND or DEMAND YOU USE - OR IF THEY TELL YOU A LIE THAT WHO YOU WANT TO USE (in this case us) IS NOT ON THIER LIST, ETC.. THAT IS CALLED "STEERING" IT HAPPENS A LOT, AND IT IS AGAINST THE LAW! If you want to read up on this law the internet is full of information on it. Especially a website called Independent Glass Association ( they created this really neat comic book to try to explain it. For further information click here

You will be asked a series of questions by them. Then they will contact us, and we will usually get on a three-way a call with you. Or we call you personally to schedule a time to come to you. We are then faxed and/or EDI a work order for you. We set up the appointment, provide the service, and collect your deductible if you have one.

It's that simple! All of this enables us to do billing the same way, and that means less paperwork, or hassle for you, your agents and the networks.

Ready to contact your insurance company now? Click on->FREE ONLINE QUOTE to fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible with your quote.